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We wrapped this Toyota Tacoma with Super Gloss Inozetek Film

Inozetek vinyl wrap truck
Inozetek wrap

We have helped a lot of customers at our Huntington Beach shop personalize their cars and trucks with vinyl wraps. A car wrap is basically a huge vinyl decal that is applied over the painted panels or other surfaces of your car.

This coverage can be complete, over every single panel of your car, like a new paint job or it can cover a very specific area of your car to change the appearance of your spoiler or hood.

One of the biggest reasons people choose to wrap their vehicles is that wraps can be quickly removed. A technician can quickly peel off vinyl to reveal the original, undamaged paint underneath. For people who want to apply a unique design or graphics temporarily, wraps can change the appearance of the car with the option to easily change it back to the original appearance. We can also help businesses promote their services while on the road with fleet wraps.

car wrap hood

Why Choose Rhino For Your Vehicle Wrap

Our technicians have been installing car films and vinyl for over a decade and understand every aspect of the lengthy and detailed process of installing vinyl on vehicle surfaces.

We make sure the wrap is installed smoothly which involves first completely washing your vehicle and then removing components of the car to access the panel being wrapped. Door handles may need to be removed, along with bumpers, emblems and anything else that gets in the way of getting coverage to the surface area being wrapped. We make sure the surface of your wrap is pristine, with no bubbles or spots with weak adhesion.

We also guarantee your satisfaction with the results and our technicians will review the car with you upon delivery.

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Our New Vinyl Wrap Bay

What To Expect When Getting A Wrap

The process starts with an appointment at our Huntington Beach shop. We will go over exactly what material and design and coverage you are looking for. Wraps will vary in price depending on design requirements, total surface area covered, type of material used and the complexity of the design.

When you visit us, we can review material samples with you to see what you would like us to wrap your vehicle with. We have hundreds of samples and can help guide you towards the exact results you are looking for. We carry all major film brands like Avery Dennison and 3M.

If you have any designs (like racing stripes) or graphics that you would like to have printed, we will go over design details with you and take measurements of your vehicle to prepare for your installation.

Your vehicle will be scheduled for an install date where you drop off your car. On pickup, after work is completed, we will go over our work and recommend general care tips for your car or truck.

Vinyl Wrap FAQ’s:

  • How long does the process take?
    • Depending on the amount of work desired, the process may take anywhere from minutes (i.e. some accents) to a few business days (full body wraps). To best determine this, please stop by for a physical evaluation so we can best estimate the time needed to complete the job.
  • How long does vinyl wrap last?
    • Quality vinyl material can last between 2-5 years depending on conditions, care, and overall treatment. At Rhino, our vinyl has a manufacture warranty of 5-6 years and our latex ink has a rated 3-7 years when laminated.
  • Can the wrap be removed later?
    • Absolutely! Without damage to the original paint, the vinyl and adhesives are 100% removable!
  • How do I care for my wrap?
    • Hand washing is highly recommended, using a pressure washer may cause damage to the vinyl and lift corners up. We recommend using our specially formulated quick detailer to apply onto after every wash.
  • Can you wrap windows?
    • Yes, we can! We have special perforated material that can be applied to the rear windows of a vehicle (anywhere else is illegal.)
  • What’s it cost to vinyl wrap?
    • It really depends on the material and what is being wrapped, we recommend coming in for a free evaluation to obtain an accurate estimate.

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