Vehicle Ceramic Coating:

Ceramic coating is a layer of protection for your car’s paint. It can help keep your vehicle looking new and protect it from the sun and elements. This coating is nano technology in the form of a liquid polymer that is hand applied onto the painted surfaces of a vehicle. As it cures, it bonds with the vehicle’s paint, creating a nano layer of protection on the paint’s surface.  Ceramic coatings make your vehicle’s surface more resilient and hydrophobic, making it easier to wash and keep clean.

Care & Maintenance: 

The Curing Process

During the curing process the coating is still soft and can be weakened. It requires 2-3 weeks to fully cure depending on environmental factors such as humidity and temperature. During this time, if you notice contaminants on the car such as tree sap, bird droppings, water, etc., you should clean them off promptly. 

The following should be avoided:

  • Washing, rain, sprinklers
  • Parking outdoors or under trees
  • Allowing bird droppings, sap, or pollen to sit on the car and bake in the sun
  • Mechanically or chemically abrading the paint

Wash & Dry

Your coated car should be washed on a weekly basis to avoid build up of dirt and grime. You should avoid washing your car in direct sunlight to minimize streaking and water spotting. Wash from the top down, saving the dirtiest sections for last to avoid cross contamination. Use the “two bucket” method – one bucket for rinsing your sponge or mitt and the other one for soapy water. Use a separate soap and sponge/mitt for wheels. You should always dry completely and never leave to air dry since tap water contains minerals that may leave water spots. Always use quality microfiber towels to dry. 

Annual Maintenance & Inspection

Waxing your ceramic coated car is not needed because wax will not bond to the coated surface. To ensure the coating performance and gloss, it is reconditioned with a maintenance product 2-3x a year depending on the usage of vehicle and environmental factors. Annual inspection is recommended at least once a year.

Other FAQ’s:

  • How long do Ceramic Coatings last?
    • Ceramic coatings can last anywhere between 1-10 years depending on conditions and overall treatment.
  • What does a Ceramic Coating do?
    • Provides damage from UV and Oxidation, protects against etching and chemical stains, ease of cleaning, and enhanced gloss.
  • What does a Ceramic Coating NOT do?
    • Not to be confused with Paint Protection Films (PPF), Ceramic Coatings do not protect against rock chips, scratches, water spots, and the need to wash the vehicle.
  • How do I take care of my Ceramic Coating?
    • Wash weekly to eliminate contamination build up, avoid going through automatic car washes, and never leave to air dry.  A recharge is recommended once a year for contamination removal and coating rejuvenation.

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