Ceramic Coatings:

Ceramic coating is nano technology in the form of a liquid polymer that is hand applied onto the painted surfaces of a vehicle; As it cures, it bonds with the vehicle’s paint, creating a nano layer of protection on the paint’s surface.  Ceramic coatings make your vehicle’s paint more resilient and hydrophobic, making it easier to clean.


  • How long do Ceramic Coatings last?
    • Ceramic coatings can last anywhere between 1-10 years depending on conditions and overall treatment.
  • What does a Ceramic Coating do?
    • Provides damage from UV and Oxidation, protects against etching and chemical stains, ease of cleaning, and enhanced gloss.
  • What does a Ceramic Coating NOT do?
    • Not to be confused with Paint Protection Film (PPF), Ceramic Coatings do not protect against rock chips, scratches, water spots, and the need to wash the vehicle.
  • How do I take care of my Ceramic Coating?
    • Wash bi-weekly to eliminate contamination build up, avoid going through automatic car washes, and never leave to air dry.  A recharge is recommended once a year for contamination removal and coating rejuvenation.

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