Other Custom Services

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a great way to coat and protect metal parts like rims and to apply a custom color to metal parts. The powder sticks to the exposed metal by electrostatic attraction before the metal is baked and cured. The resulting finish is thicker and much more durable than paint and will help prevent damage from normal road ware.

Our staff will make sure the application and finished color is smooth and even. For an estimate, please contact us!

Caliper Paint

Most cars come with unfinished calipers that easily rust and look bad over time. Painting them not only adds a customized look to your wheels, but can protect the surface of your calipers from rust and corrosion. We can match any color and add custom logos onto your calipers.

Contact us to see how we can help you customize your car!


Protect the undercarriage of your car from scratches and damage with SLiPLO universal bumper plate guard. More info on this page. 

sliplo installer

Headlight & Tail Light Tint

Applying a tint to your headlight or taillights help give them that aggressive look that matches the rest of your car. We can customize the shade of tint and make the finish either satin or glossy. Tinting also helps to prevent the UV damage that can dull or cloud headlights over time.

Contact us now with any headlight tinting questions.

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