Our Orange County Technicians Can Tint, PPF, Wrap and Customize Your Tesla

Rhino has been helping Tesla owners protect and customize their cars since the release of the Roadster and Model S almost a decade ago. Since the Model X, 3 and Y have come out we have helped hundreds of Tesla owners tint their windows and roofs, protect their paint with paint protection film and ceramic coating and customized their trim, rims and calipers on their new cars.

Tinting A Large Sunroof

One of the most popular reasons Tesla owners come to Rhino is because Model X, 3 and Y panoramic roofs are very large and hard to tint seamlessly. We have extensive experience tinting not only Tesla windows but also these models that have this very large single pane of glass.

Most Tesla owners want tinting because in very sunny areas like Southern California, the cabin of these cars can get pretty hot. Tinting can help keep that to a minimum without ruining the awesome view that these cars provide for their passengers. Our sunroof tints are done in one piece and are held to the same high standards that we have for all of our work.

model X tint

Paint Protection Film To Protect Your Car

Another very common reason Tesla owners come to visit Rhino is to discuss options for protecting their car from paint chips and scratches. Many owners have commented that they believe the paint on their cars out of the factory is prone to chipping or scratching.

The most common package we recommend to our clients applies a clear, paint protection film (PPF) over the hood, bumpers, headlights and side mirrors — all places that are common to have debris damage from driving on California highways at a high speed. A PPF will help protect your paint from road damage as well as offer protection from UV rays.

We have applied PPFs on thousands of cars and we offer a 10 year limited warranty on our work. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you protect your Tesla.

tesla model X PPF

Other Tesla Customizations

Tesla’s popularity as a new automaker has been well deserved. We see increasing numbers of every model on the road nowadays. At Rhino, we are also increasing being asked how we can help new Tesla owners make their cars stand out a little bit more.

We have recently provided some of the services below for happy customers. Contact us now to see how we can help you customize your car.

Model Y wrap

Stealth Wrap

blackout model 3 tesla

Blackout Options

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