This month Ravi and the team at CSF Radiators came to visit Rhino Films & Detailing with a very special project. After their CSF Evo X’s (which was destined for Global Time Attack 2019 at the time) engine caught fire in November last year, they were looking to revamp the Evo X to a “Version 3.0” build.

Our Rhino team and CSF Radiators have collaborated on projects since early 2017, which includes working on CSF’s Porsche 991 and BMW M5.

When CSF dropped off their Evo X at Rhino’s facility, they brought a camera crew to film how we would make their livery designs come to life.

In the video below, Alex demonstrates how the Rhino team puts the finishing touches – from rendering and printing custom designs to the final livery application on the Evo X.

Check it out and let’s cheer on the CSF Evo X’s road to Global Time Attack 2020!

csf evo start
csf evo x
csf evo x
csf evo x
evo x rear